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Major Investment Projects

Boguchany. Wood processing complex. Sawing

The project implies establishment of a wood-to-chemicals plant. Project preparation phase is completed; preparation of a design of a pulp and paper factory started on the premises of Kraslesinvest production site; expert evaluation study is available. Planned capacity of the new factory will be 830,000 tonnes of cellulose per annum. Public hearings were held with the positive resolution. Available infrastructure facilities in the Boguchan district will help ensure successful operation of the new factory. This is a bridge across the Angara river with a length of 1,8 km; a 40-km railway, and power transmission lines 24 MW. The pulp and paper factory is expected to be unique not because of the properties of the released produce, but also because of its size as one of the largest in Russia and one of the most efficient globally. It will be the first green factory in the country aimed at release of cellulose with the minimal risks for environment.

OSB production expansion; production of binder material

The projects are under development in the Ufimsky district: the first investment project valued at 6,2 billion roubles implies reconstruction of a factory aimed at production of OSB. Project timeframe is 2021-2024. Within the framework of the project, it is planned to increase the output from 475,000 m3 to 700,000 m3 per annum including via low-quality wood. In May, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic included the project into the list of prioritised ones.
The second investment project with investment valued at 6,8 billion roubles implies establishment of a new factory to produce components to release chipboard and oriented strand board. The following goods will be produced: MUF-concentrates, UF-resin, formalin and additives, as well as the components required for their production. The project is included in the list of prioritised ones.

Modernisation of Onezhskiy LDK

This large-scale investment project is aimed at increasing operational efficiency, development of deep processing of wood, better quality of the released produce, and efficient use of forest resources. Within the programme for modernisation there will be built new production capacities: sorting of raw materials, a chipping headrig sawing line, a pellet production factory with a capacity of 30,000 tonnes of granules per annum thus converting the complex into a wasteless one. Owing to modernisation, the complex will boost its annual release of sawn material by 20% to 280,000 m3.

Construction of a cellulose factory in the Enisey district of the Krasnoyarsk province, Lesosibirsk

Currently, project permits are undergoing the approval process. It is planned to convert the land with an area of some 200 ha to the status of land for energy, industry, communication, transportation purposes.

Construction of a factory to produce MDF-caul in the Komi Republic

The Government of the Komi Republic and Luzales Company signed the agreement of understanding which implies the development of an investment project. The investment project encompasses the construction of a factory to produce MDF-caul in the Syktyvdinsky district. The capacity will be 1 million m3 of end produce per annum.

Construction of a biotechnological complex in Lesosibirsk of the Krasnoyarsk province

The project implies establishment of a high-tech production complex featuring a cellulose line. The pulp and paper factory will be built on an area of some 100 ha on a site of the leading assets of the Lesosibirsky LDK №1. To date, a roadmap is under compilation; infrastructure survey works are completed; detailed technical design and permits preparation are afoot. The capacity will be sone 700,000 tonnes per annum.

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